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Vaughan, Brian K - Runaways, vol 1:  Pride and Joy

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Vaughan, Brian K. - Runaways, vol 1:  Pride and Joy : 144 pages, © 2004


What would you do if you found out your parents were super-villains?  When a group of teens discover that their parents are members of a secret society of evildoers, they set out to stop them themselves. 


Red Flags: 


Fight scenes between teens and their parents; one teen has an abusive relationship with his father; the parents commit murder as some sort of sacrifice; magic and super powers appear on both sides. 



Vol 2:  Teenage Wasteland

Vol 3:  The Good Die Young

Vol 4:  True Believers

Vol 5:  Escape to New York

Vol 6:  Parental Guidance

Vol 7:  Live Fast

Vol 8:  Dead End Kids

Vol 9:  Dead Wrong (forthcoming)

Vol 10:  Rock Zombies (forthcoming)


*Marvel has also released delux hardcover editions of this series, with a different enumeration: 

Vol 1 (collects vol's 1-3 of the paperback)

Vol 2 (collects vol 4-5 of paperback, plus a Free Comic Book Day special issue)

Vol 3 (collects 6-7 of the paperback)

Vol 4 (coincides with vol 8 of the paperback)




Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics, by Joss Whedon, et. al.


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