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Stevermer, Caroline - A College of Magics

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Stevermer, Caroline - A College of Magics : 380 pages, © 1994

Late 19th or Early 20th Century


Faris is sent to Greenlaw college as a means for her uncle to get her out of the way.  But Greenlaw teaches its young women witchcraft, and, after Faris is expelled for practicing magic on campus, she, her friend Jane, and her bodyguard Tyrian return to Faris’ home confront her tyrannical uncle and the claim her rightful place as duchess. 


Red Flags: 


Some violence occurs, but it is not graphically described.  The ending is not what readers will expect, and may make some readers uncomfortable:  **SPOILER**  Tyrian, who has fallen in love with Faris, is mortally wounded, and through various magical acts, he switches bodies with the ancient and wicked king.  The king, then, dies, but Tyrian is left with an 80-year-old body.  Whether he and Faris choose to continue their romance is left open, but it may make some readers uncomfortable. 




A Scholar of Magics (set immediately after A College of Magics, but following Jane, not Faris, upon her return to England)

When the King Comes Home (set two hundred years after the events of A College of Magics)




Sorcery and Cecelia by Caroline Stevermer and Patricia Wrede

The Elemental Masters series by Mercedes Lackey (for older readers)


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