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Sfar, Joann and Emmanuel Guibert - The Professor's Daughter

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Sfar, Joann and Emmanuel Guibert - The Professor's Daughter : 80 pages, © 2007

19th Century, London


While her Egyptologist father is away on business, Lillian accidentally awakens the 3,000-year-old mummy lodged in her father's house. Imhotep IV and Lillian travel around Victorian London, and gradually fall in love. But of course, there are obstacles to their union...


Red Flags:  


Lillian accidentally poisons two people, one of whom is a police officer.  Two characters are shot and killed.  Imhotep becomes drunk at one point (on tea).  Some very light sexual innuendo (Lillian asks Imhotep to take off his clothes, as her father needs his suit back; Imhotep responds:  "What, here?  Now?").  Lillian is kidnapped. 




The Tintin series by Herge


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