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Marillier, Juliette - Wildwood Dancing

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Marillier, Juliette - Wildwood Dancing : 416 pages, © 2007


This retelling of "The Twelve Dacning Princesses" is set in Transylvania, and features a set of sisters who slip aways to Faery once each month for a night of dancing.  But when their father falls ill and is sent away to warmer climes, the fate of the family lands and business falls to sensible Jena, who must struggle to save her family's holdings from her evil cousin, while also protecting her sister, who has fallen in love with one of the dreaded Night people. 


Red Flags: 


Some manipulative moments from Jena's cousin, and the illness of her father. 




Cybele's Secret




Beauty by Robin McKinley

The Privilege of the Sword by Ellen Kushner


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