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Leavitt, Martine - Keturah and Lord Death

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Leavitt, Martine - Keturah and Lord Death: 216 pages, © 2006


When Keturah strays too far into the forest, she encounters Lord Death, who claims her time has come. But Keturah is clever, and she bargains with Death: if she finds her true love in 24 hours, she will be free of Death; if she cannot, Death will claim her.


Red Flags: 


Very few:  One female character disguises herself as a boy; some mild innuendo ensues; one childbirth scene (not graphic); non-graphic cases of plague. 




The Wizard and the Grove by Tanya Huff (omnibus of Child of the Grove and The Last Wizard)

The Dreaming Tree by C. J. Cherryh (omnibus of The Dreaming and The Tree of Swords and Jewels)

Impossible by Nancy Werlin


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